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Head Stand - Organise your daily routine

The Mess

After years of having having our toothbrush heads sit all day in their own filth, I decided to make something that was elegant and functional. 

I also wanted to make sure it wasn't more cheap plastic tat which is commonplace these days.

What I designed was the Head Stand.

Messy toothbrush head bowl

The solution - Head Stand

Head Stand

After numerous iterations the Head Stand was born. It's clean simple lines exude class and purposeful design.

"Simple yet effective"

Join the thousands of others who have solved their daily annoyance with the Head Stand. 

Finally somewhere to put your heads that fits into today's bathrooms.

I can guarantee you will love using the Head Stand and if you don't simply contact us and we'll refund your order.

We have stock in the North America and Europe so delivery will be quick.