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Head Stand

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Really like this stand. Well thought out, looks very smart and the drip tray insert makes it very easy to rinse & keep clean. Bought this for our family bathroom & my girls are enjoying tidying away their toothbrush heads!

T. Harrison

This is a great toothbrush holder. It fits Oral B heads, looks neat and looks much cleaner than my last one which stuck to the tiles and dripped Toothpaste onto the sink. Very pleased with this.

F. Curran

Brilliant product. I wanted a holder that allowed you to see the colour on the base of the brush heads. Most other holder the colour wasn't visible. This is very sturdy. An excellent product.

J. Fletcheron

Head Stand



HEAD STAND - Resting on the sink

The HEAD STAND elegantly resting on your sink hiding away the heads but ready at be used at moments notice.


HEAD STAND - Attached to the mirror

Effortlessly grab the toothbrush head you want in with ease.


HEAD STAND - Attached to the wall

The HEAD STAND blends into any bathroom decor. Adding class and sophiscation where befoe there was a mess of heads.

Style that fits into any decor